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Why volunteer with Acts of Compassion

Direct Impact

As a local organization, we have understanding of specific needs and challenges that are faced by the community. As a volunteer, you will see tangible impact in the community you serve.

Flexible and affordable

Because we work directly with local organizations, we take out the middle man which allows us to keep program costs lower than other volunteer organizations.

Authentic experience

Through our program, you will gain authentic experience of the country instead of being a tourist. The volunteer programs will become meaningful and impactful to local community. As a volunteer you will be able to see the reality of life and challenges people go through.

Skill development

We will provide you with opportunity to develop and apply skill. You will contribute your expertise and gain practical experience. Thus, will help you with personal and professional growth. This also looks fabulous on a CV or resume too!

Empowerment and sustainability

Our programs, such as women empowerment and sponsorship program, are focusing on self-reliance, community reliance, and long-term positive change. We promote local capacity and ensure that community are active participant in their own growth and well-being.


We maintain accurate records of resource utilized and outcomes achieved. It is very important as an organization to maintain the trust, accountability, and credibility with our community donors and volunteers.

Safety and security

We take safety of our volunteers seriously. We assess our homestay and projects to make sure they meet the required standard of safety.


Our Impact

As an organization we have played crucial role in addressing several challenges and making differences in our local community. Our impact varies depending on the duration of our volunteers below is an example of our impact. We have been able to run a feeding program to schools in Kibera slums. This program helps to provide nutrious meals to children who may otherwise meals to children who may otherwise lack access to meals. This program helps to address malnutrition and related issues. It promotes overall growth of children and development of child. It also increases school attendance and performance.

Ethical Consideration

As a volunteer’s program, we prioritize ethical consideration and work hard to ensure volunteers understand that a new country means a new culture to learn and understand. As a volunteer, we as that we respect the local community and be sensitive to their culture.

Our volunteers have to adhere to responsible volunteering principals, such as promoting local hiring and respecting local customs.