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Unforgetable Experience In Nairobi Kenya

I had an unforgettable experience during my stay in Nairobi, Kenya thanks to Acts of Compassion.

We did the childcare program in the slums where we got to assist the teachers with the children’s class and home work. We got to meet kindhearted and welcoming people, who have now become friends.

I have learned many things about the Kenyan culture, their tribes and lifestyle… Through being confronted by the harsh reality of the slums  my perspective on ‘obvious’ things has changed.

This has broadened my vision on the world and has taught me to stay open minded. I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity and I definitely recommend doing a volunteer program with Acts of Compassion who has guided us so well.

This experience will forever be cherished in my heart. 🌎🤝🇰🇪

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