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TeachingComputer Skills TrainingSpecial Needs TeachingChildcareTeaching Foreign LanguagesDance TrainingYoga TrainingMedical ProgrammePhysiotherapyBuilding & RenovationWomen EmpowermentOccupational TherapyCommunity Health ProgramPhotographyOld Age HomeGardening & Food ProductionSports Programme

The Acts of Compassion Foundation presents a remarkable opportunity for volunteers to make a meaningful impact in Nairobi. By participating in diverse initiatives such as teaching, computer skills training, special needs education, childcare, foreign language instruction, dance and yoga training, medical programs, physiotherapy, building and renovation projects, women's empowerment efforts, occupational therapy, community health programs, photography, support for elderly residents in nursing homes, and sports programs, volunteers can contribute to a wide spectrum of essential causes. Through these endeavors, volunteers will not only uplift underprivileged communities but also foster personal growth and cross-cultural understanding. Join us in our commitment to compassion, as we collaborate to create a brighter, more inclusive future for Nairobi and its residents.

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Acts Of Compassion
  • 2023-06-16 08:42:11
Meet Anne and Amanda
  • 1 Minutes